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GPS POI for the Netherlands

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ArgosOil ArgosOil POI - Argos has a number of unmanned fuel-stations in the Netherlands.

Independent benzine stations Independent benzine stations POI - The independent benzine stations tend to be smaller operators running retail outlets only. Independent petrol retailers fall into two broad categories: independent sites that are not branded by an oil company or chain brand or independent chain sites that are owned by a large independent company not aligned or owned by a major oil company.

TamOil TamOil POI - TamOil is a major player with ties to Avia. They operate exclusively in NL.

LPG Autogas LPG Autogas POI - LPG autogas (Liquified petroleum gas) filling stations in the Netherlands.

BP BP POI - BP is involved in a whole range of activities, such as exploring natural gas and crude oil resources. BP also refine and market petroleum products, produce lubricants, and help to generate a significant amount of solar power.

Compaan Compaan POI - Compaan is a smaller chain with about 10 stations in the Netherlands.

Staveren Staveren POI - Van Staveren is a branch with stations in the northern half of NL. They provide services to the general public and to the transportation sector.

OCN OCN POI - OCN is a medium sized chain with some 40 stations in NL. They provide services to the general public and to the transportation sector

SLVstations SLVstations POI - When you are driving around in an oldtimer, you are facing the problem that the right type of fuel (leaded) is not available anymore. The replacement is SLV (Super with Lead-Replacement) This is a listing of benzine stations where this type of fuel is still availble. Download this file often because it is updated frequently.

De Fakkel De Fakkel POI - De Fakkel (The Torch) has a number of unmanned fuelstations in the Netherlands.

Hopmans Hopmans POI - A smaller brand with about 10 stations in NL.

DeMeeuw DeMeeuw POI - De Meeuw (Seagull) has a number of stations in the Netherlands. Altough fairly small, they are listed here because of their low prices and excellent service.

Marees Marees POI - Marees has a network of fuelstations in the northern half of NL. It has bonds with Avia. This is a listing of all stations that carry the "Marees" logo.

DCB DCB POI - DCB provides fuel for the transportation sector. The stations are intended for trucks and have high-speed pumps. You will need a DCB-card to use one of these stations. Because they cooperate with several other providers you can also use some stations that do not have the DCB-logo. This listing contains all locations where the DCB-card is accepted.

Elan Elan POI - Elan is a branch of Total with stations in NL. This is a comprehensive listing of all Elan stations in the Netherlands.

Autofood Autofood POI - Autofood is a chain with fuelstations in NL. Many of these stations also have a shop and a carwash installation.

Berkman Berkman POI - Berkman is a company with about 40 fuelstations in NL. These stations are either manned or unmanned.

Haan Haan POI - A smaller brand with about 30 stations in the Netherlands.

Esso Esso POI - Exxon Mobil Corporation is the parent of Esso, Mobil and ExxonMobil companies around the world. ExxonMobil is an industry leader in almost every aspect of the energy, oil and gas, and petrochemical business. This is a comprehensive listing of Esso stations in the Netherlands.

DKV stations DKV stations POI - The DKV-card is one of the largest in the sector. This card is accepted in over a thousand stations throughout the Benelux. This file is a listing of all DKV stations for the general public.

Makro Makro POI - Makro is a brand that is linked to a supermarket chain. Most stations are to be found on the premises of a Makro store.

BP-routex BP-routex POI - This is a chain of fuelstations which are exclusively intended for trucks. The stations have high-speed pumps and you will need a suitable card (BP-plus Card) to be able to fill-up here.

United Consumers United Consumers POI - United Consumers is a consumer-organization that has negotiated a discount on fuel at about 500 stations in NL. You need to show a card to prove your membership to be eligible for this discount. Reload this file frequently.

CNG network CNG network POI - CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is a fuel of the future. It is much cleaner than gasoline or diesel. This file contains all stations that are currently in operation. The CNG network is expanding rapidly so you should reload this file regularly. CNG filling stations in the Netherlands.

Avia Avia POI - AVIA continues its progression on the network of motorway service stations. A comprehensive listing of Avia fuel stations in the Netherlands.

Firezone Firezone POI - Firezone is a smaller brand with unmanned stations in NL.

Gulf Gulf POI - Gulf is one of the larger players in the fuel-business. This is a comprehensive listing of all stations in The Netherlands.

Q8 Q8 POI - Q8 is a major brand with stations throughout Western Europe. This is a comprehensive listing of all Q8 (Kuwait Petroleum) filling stations in The Netherlands.

Total Total POI - TOTAL is petroleum and oil company in the Netherlands. Being serious about service, TOTAL offers you the best bargains.

Texaco Texaco POI - Texaco is a major player with stations throughout Western Europe. This is a comprehensive listing of all Texaco stations in The Netherlands.

Tango Tango POI - Tango is a price figther with a large number of unmanned stations in NL.

TinQ TinQ POI - TinQ is a rapidly growing chain of unmanned stations in the Netherlands. They are in the segment of the price-fighters. Reload this file often as it is frequently updated.

Shell Shell POI - Shell petrol filling stations in the Netherlands. Shell is a major energy organisation in the Netherlands. Royal Dutch Shell is an Anglo-Dutch multinational oil and gas company. Shell is the second largest company in the world. Shell is active in every area of the oil and gas industry, including exploration and production, refining, distribution and marketing, petrochemicals, power generation and trading. It has minor renewable energy activities. It has operations in over 90 countries with 44,000 service stations worldwide.

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